eBD 3.4.2

Version upgrade. eBD:IMAP and eBD:IMAPGET optimization. New instrucctions (IMAPSTATUS and IMAPFLAGS).
Bugs fix and some features optimized.
Available for Linux and Microsoft Windows.

  •  Fixed bug when installing a library contained in a package, this stopped working.
  •  [Req780]Optimizing eBD:IMAP instructions
  •  [Req780] New eBD:IMAPGET parameters, and new instructions: eBD:IMAPSTATUS and eBD:IMAPFLAGS
  •  [Req634]Removed the option to upload images from the FCKEditor 
  •  [Bug635] Correction get_literal_names () and new optional parameter to filter by id or folder name.
  •  [eBDRequest] New Feature get_content in # [eBDRequest]
  •  [Req652] Static WebApps now supports compressed files with folders that have special characters in the name
  •  [TServer]All decimal numbers are rounded to a maximum of 10 decimal digits
  •  [Req709] Fixed problem with pictures used on widgets referenced from custom CSS
  •  [Bug636] Fixed problem with RuntimeAdminLogin parameter from ebd.xml file in a EDB Runtime
  •  [Bug639] In an event of type 'after insert' for a view, now # [eBDDB.set_new_value (,)] works even if the field is mandatory
  •  [Bug654] Resolved incorrect link building on the resources of the library functions
  •  [Bug657] Fixed bug where ebd_sync and ebd_admin scripts failed  to change the mysql port (on Win32)
  •  [Bug653] Solved the problem by retrieving a tmpfile to upload it with the command FTPPUT.
  •  [Bug645] In the 'Events' options/screen from widget section, now the 'SAVE' button saves changes
  •  [Bug640] Eliminated the character '\ n' at the end of the output of an PLAIN event type of widgets
  •  [Bug644] The event widget Templates are created correctly now
  •  [Bug638] Fixed bug in Informix driver for which 'Search' sections did not allow case-insensitive search