EBD 3.5.3

Now with the ability to select the shceme in hyperlink type fields of the tables.

Improved ebd_admin script for Windows and other improvements and bug fixes for IIS.

In this new version has been made the following changes:

EBD version 3.5.3

  • [Req] Now you can select the scheme in a Hyperlink field.
           Supported schemes are:
   http https ftp  imap ldap mailto nfs pop telnet finger smb svn
  • [Bug] Fixed bug in the script ebd_admin could not bear to make backup copies of files larger than 10 Gb in Win32 platform.
  • [Bug] Solved the bug of IIS eBDClient for giving a timeout error when using HTTPS.
  • [Bug] Fixed error in the operation of XML tables, which do not work if the userdata of EBD was on a Windows shared folder (\ host \ path).
  • [Bug] Fixed an bug in IIS eBDClient for giving an error of type 503 when receiving headers unknown and very short (less than 5 characters).
  • [Bug] Fixed bug that caused the EBD-type SSO does not work if the source server is accessible only by HTTPS.
  • [Bug] Improved the function request-> scheme to return the correct scheme over HTTPS.
  • [Bug722] Fixed bug in the Calendar section that caused an error when using Datasources.
DBMySQL error [1003] Error executing batch queries on query #1 SQL Exception :
        You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your
        MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near '(0xeb6d75c)' at line 1