EBD 3.4.3

Get a more stable EBD with this new update to EBDv3.4
Fixed several minor problems that affected the stability of the server.

In this new update, we fixed some minor errors and stabilized the process servers.

Changes fixed are:

  • [Bug] Solved the problem where XML tables do not work if the EBD's userdata was on a shared Windows folder (\\host\path).
  • Solved the error in giving eBDClient for IIS 503 error when receiving unknown headers and very short (<5 chars).
  • [Bug] Fixed bug preventing Single-Sign-On (SSO) EBD type connect properly if the source server is accessible only with HTTPS.
  • [Bug] The function request->scheme does not return the correct schema on HTTPS.
  • [Linkto] EBD:LINKTO performance optimization.
  • [Bug] Fixed 403 error when trying to create an instant messaging service.
  • Changes in Instantmessenger to use _idRegistro instead of the username to identify contacts.
  • [Bug689] Fixed error in eBDSync that excluding any folder named "files".
  • [Bug688] Fixed the problem by calling a WebApp by GET method, which gave a 403 error.
  • [Bug675] Solved the problem by which to create a temporary file and use ebd:infofile, the temporary file disappears.
  • [Bug691] Improvement Chart section when use a chart type SVG, that are including within the HEAD of the page the script to create the image so that the chart came out of the page.
  • [Bug685] Solved the problem where a view that contains a date field, if we give a default value and check the read-only option, we can not change the value, but if we press the calendar button and change the date, the value of the form is changed.
  • [Bug696] This solves the problem of incorrectly nested table in the Tables section, using a template eBDML.
  • [Bug] Fixed bug where not filtered literals at the root of the screen "Literals" where idCarpeta = 0.
  • [Bug687] Field Email is improved to accept email ".info".
  • [Bug686] Solved the problem of Sendmail function, that showing visibly the bcc messages.
  • [Bug684] Fixed the default value in the parameters to accept "0" as value.
  • [Bug694] Solved the problem where you could not designate a variable (from a library) with the same name as the library name.
  • [Bug698] Improve instruction eBD:IMAPGet to not fail if not sent the parameter "search".
  • [Bug656] Fixed bug where the number of processes "ebd_worker" grew abnormally, despite the value set to "/app/conf/ebd_config.xml", running or ebd_server graceful restart.
  • [Bug] Solved the bug where affinity cookies were not sent in eBDClient.
  • [Bug699] Fixed literal editing function by wich not allowing save the settings.
  • [Bug] Fixed error when accessing the body of a multipart message in IMAP instructions.
  • [Bug] Updated sections to run the startup ebdml before the body of the section.
  • [Bug] Solved the error that is generated on receiving empty headers of a Java WebApp.
  • [Bug] Improved random number generator.
  • [Bug] Fixed bug in ebd_top which did not contain data from TServer.
  • [XMLTable] You can now display the full content of the result of a WSDL Web Service, although no indication of any parameter.