Manual for EBDv3.5 FormBuilder Widget

The FormBuilder is a module composed of a set of Widgets, which aims to provide the tools necessary to build next-generation forms of any type.
FormBuilder allows you to build forms an agile and simple, without sacrificing functionality and usability more advanced form validation. It incorporates various types of complex fields, simplifying the construction of forms that relate multiple data sources.
FormBuilder is a powerful form generation tool that speeds creation and greatly bolstering the capabilities and possibilities for themselves.

With great agility will be able to create and manage the complexity required forms, including powerful features such as multiple file upload, 'datepiker' for date fields, strong password, multilanguage content management, and validation of any inline field, for example.

Customizable styles based on the increased accessibility, and great usability that use the forms generated by this tool make it an indispensable application for web developers eBD users.

Its main features are:

  • Construction of highly user-friendly forms
  • Ease in handling complex data
  • Layout layers based machine
  • Multiple inline field validation
  • Data management Multilanguage
  • Control Mechanism "bound"
  • Advanced controls file manipulation
  • Editor HTML file manager
  • Password strength control