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Current Release

EBD 3.5.5
New instruction eBD:SoapFault to generate exceptions in Web Services.
This new update improves the performance of Web Services.
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Other releases


EBD 3.5.4

EBD can afford override the session cookie. Also added to this version, you can select the schema of hyperlink fields in the tables. Fixed several bugs and improved some of the features already present.

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EBD 3.5.3

Now with the ability to select the shceme in hyperlink type fields of the tables. Improved ebd_admin script for Windows and other improvements and bug fixes for IIS.

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EBD 3.5.2

This new release represents a new advancement in functionality distribution and reuse of code, expanding the range of elements that can be repackaged and redistributed to virtually all objects that are part of an application EBD. The new consultation on better structuring the data model, facilitating the separation between data and presentation.

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EBD 3.4.3

Get a more stable EBD with this new update to EBDv3.4 Fixed several minor problems that affected the stability of the server.

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eBD 3.4.2

Version upgrade. eBD:IMAP and eBD:IMAPGET optimization. New instrucctions (IMAPSTATUS and IMAPFLAGS). Bugs fix and some features optimized. Available for Linux and Microsoft Windows.

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Update Manual eBDML 3.5 (08/09/2010)
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Manual for EBDv3.5 FormBuilder Widget (03/01/2010)
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Widgets Manual 3.4 Review (09/23/2009)
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